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Welcome to American Public Media Group (APMG), the not-for-profit parent organization of Minnesota Public Radio, Marketplace and Southern California Public Radio. You may not be immediately familiar with APMG, but you'll likely know us for our stations or programs.



APMG's regional public radio services deliver independent news, conversation, and entertainment programming to audiences across broadcast and digital platforms. Broadcasting via a network of radio stations in two regions of the country, APMG owns the largest network of public radio stations in the nation.  

We reach 19 million radio listeners a week and deliver 10 million podcast downloads a month.  Check out our live streams: 

MPR News    thecurrent    classical MPR KPCC  


You'll also hear our nationally distributed programs and specials on radio stations across the country and online via the Web from anywhere on the planet. We reach more than 17 million radio listeners a week and deliver 15 million podcast downloads a month! A few of our signature shows are A Prairie Home Companion®, Marketplace®, The Splendid Table®, The Dinner Party Download and Performance Today®. Through our partnership with the BBC, we're the exclusive U.S. distributor for the BBC World Service, connecting listeners to award-winning news from around the globe.

In Minnesota, live audiences can take in our original shows, events, and entertainment at the Fitzgerald Theater, a historic landmark in the heart of downtown St. Paul, MN owned and operated by MPR. A complete list of MPR-sponsored events can be found here.

In the Los Angeles area, SCPR listeners can attend events in-person at the Crawford Family Forum. 


Impact is at the heart of our mission, which is to “enrich the mind and nourish the spirit; expand the perspectives of our audiences; and help them strengthen their communities.” Through our diverse programming, we strive to impact the communities we serve. Their communities are our communities! 


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American Public Media Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

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